Welcome to the ReCybery, aka the Carrboro Computer Recyclery! We are a local, volunteer-run, not-for-profit collective that aspires to create a safe space for people to learn and teach, with a focus on the repurposing and fixing of used computers. We are working on many projects and anyone is welcome to join!


A long time ago, in a condominium complex not too terribly far away, a group of ne'er-do-wells found themselves with a surplus of broken computer technology and an unused storage space under their unit. "Hey," they said, "Let's start dismantling this trash and building working machines with the parts!"

And so the Carrboro Computer Recyclery, aka the Recybery, was off and running, much to the horror of the local Home Owners' Association. We churned countless machine-hours of epidemiological models before the padlock went on the crawlspace door, and the Recybery went dormant.

Well, it's awake now!

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