Security Software Workshop

Date finalized - 12 December, 3 PM, Internationalist Books

Want to learn about computer security? Check out this workshop! Presenters will take a piece of software relevant to computer security, like nmap or wireshark, and give a tour of its use. A topic list is on its way; the tentative date is Saturday, 5 December.

Here's a list of topics and the people presenting. If you see something that's interesting to you, and you'd like to do a presentation, if you have a topic of your own you're interested in, or if you have questions, send us an email!

  1. General
  2. Disk encryption
  3. Chat/email encryption
  4. Exploit detection / mitigation
  5. Network intrusion detection
  6. Network analysis / forensics
  7. System vulnerability analysis / exploitation
  8. Web vulnerability analysis
  9. Code debuging
  10. Disk forensics
  11. Memory forensics

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