Our First Arduino Day

We’ve had a couple of administrative, get-to-know-one-another meetings, so I’m pleased to report that we’ve had our first hands-on, project-driven gathering! A core of about three of us camped out in the lounge of Internationalist Books and jumped head-first into an Arduino microcontroller! This is a piece of technology which bridges computers and simple circuitry, so we learned a lot about electronics and coding, making it through the first few example circuits.

Exploring an 8x8 array of LEDs.
Exploring an 8×8 array of LEDs.

One of the projects on the table is an automated Etch-a-Sketch; perhaps the computer will have a steady hand and can finally draw a clean diagonal! That’s probably a while off, though. We’ll definitely have to master stepper motors first. But just messing around today we came up with a few more ideas. For the next get-together, we’re planning to write a text-to-Morse code converter!

We’re trying to get a schedule going: Saturday afternoons, 3-5 PM, at Interationalist Books (101 Lloyd St Carrboro)

Hope to see you there!

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